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40 years in the historical center of Thessaloniki on the famous Egnatia street.

Thessaloniki is well known for its significant history, the mosaic of peoples, the architecture and lifestyle. Compared with Athens, the city of Thessaloniki has a different feel and more mysterious with a relaxed and lively atmosphere at the same time.

With a unique multicultural background of Thessaloniki is the place where 3 religions met, where Greeks, Jews and the Ottoman Turks lived in harmony for centuries.

The city is bustling. Large avenues, parks and squares (like Aristotle), endless shopping, hospitals, government departments, consulates of foreign countries make Thessaloniki an important economic, industrial, commercial and political center of Greece

The former preserved and neoclassical buildings, the White Tower, Byzantine churches and walls, Roman and Ottoman monuments stand side by side with modern constructions, creating interesting contrasts.

The people of Thessaloniki are known for their friendliness and hospitality all over Greece. The city is also famous for its great cuisine.

Nobody can resist the traditional taverns and ouzo bars and no one can ignore the desserts and traditional pies.

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